Eirik Wallem Fossan

Shameless self-promotion

Ahoy sailor,

I'm a multimedia journalist and team leader for video and interactive graphics at Aftenposten in Oslo, Norway. I've previously worked for NEWS.com.au and a few web dev companies.

Since 2012-ish I've built a team of three multimedia journalists and managed the video operations in Aftenposten. This has involved:

As of late August 2016 I also manage photography as head of Aftenposten's visual department.

My academic background is from Political Science at University of Bergen and University of Copenhagen (BA), and Communication at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (MA). I was proficient in Actionscript 3 until Steve Jobs came along, but now I get along with JavaScript.

Ellen J. Jarli and I have two kids. I was born and raised in Stavanger, and I just turned 40.

There's not much on this website, check the following feeds and sites for more info: